Ultimate Stunts 3D

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Conrols – W.A.S.D. to Drive (Do Not Use Arrow Keys)




Very impressive game developed with Unity (which means you are going to need a Unity player if you want to play Ultimate Stunts 3D game). Being skeptical about 3D browser games is normal, especially when you’ve seen as much of those as we have. But “Unity” is a game changes in this situation.

About the game itself: it looks fantastic, it’s full 3D and the art in it, the animation and monster truck physics as well as obstacle physics are pure awesomeness. 20 Tracks total that need to be unlocked and plenty of vehicles as well, all of this will definitely keep you busy for quite some time. One of the best Monster Truck games on XDB games. Have fun!

ultimate stunts 3D

Ultimate Stunts 3D, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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