Motor Beast

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We don’t publish a lot of Off-Roader games in XDB, only the exceptional ones, and Motor Beast is one of the exceptional ones! Main reason why it is so exceptional is because Motor Beast has a lot of “Earn to Die” game, which you probably already heard of before (played on iPhone or Android). You know, the kind of game where you need to cover as much of territory as you can in each race. Only this time fuel is not the issue, the issue is your vehicle’s durability. Since it is fully destructible, you need to watch what you’re doing. Not only the race type, the garage will also remind you Earn to Die game, where you buy upgrades and new components for your vehicle.

The racing itself is balanced very well, it’s not easy but not too difficult too, though at first you’ll have to learn how the game works. Total 15 locations in game, however, don’t just assume you can 1 shot every location, it’s going to take some time to beat the game.

motor beast

Motor Beast, 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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