Max Dirt Bike

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This was rather strange. When we first tried Max Dirt Bike, the first impression was “ewww” but that changed real quick, 3 levels (tracks) after to be precise. So here is the thing: all tracks in Max Dirt Bike game are short, like really short, if done everything right, you can beat each track in less than 5 seconds, however, the obstacles are placed and organized in a very intelligent way.

You just want to play next track! That’s how the game makes you feel. Despite the minimalistic design and poor textures, you’ll most likely enjoy this game.

Max Dirt Bike 1 by Max Games on X Dirt Bike Website

Two More Things About Max Dirt Bike 1 Game – First, There’s no “dirt” in the game, so it kind of sucks; the second thing is that you can actually save the game and not worry about browser cache, thing is, each level has a code that you receive after completing it, so just enter the last code from anywhere and anytime and continue from the last level you’ve beaten.

Max Dirt Bike, 3.9 out of 5 based on 60 ratings

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