Cyclo Maniacs

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Cyclomaniacs by Longanimals and Robot Jam. Very impressive flash game with unique concept and very entertaining gameplay. 6 Locations with Over 5 levels each. You’ll have to beat the previous locations to unlock next ones. You’ll have to finish at least second in order to unlock next levels.

In Cyclomaniacs game you get to upgrade your bike buy finishing races for cash and spending cash for 5 different types of upgrades: 1. Top Speed; 2. Acceleration; 3. Break; 4. Boost; 5. Spin. Each type of upgrade affects the certain aspects of the game mechanics.

Very impressive visuals for the flash game, also the musical background is not annoying at all. May consider keeping it on for a change

Cyclo Maniacs Game

Cyclo Maniacs, 4.8 out of 5 based on 29 ratings

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