Bike Racing

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Warning: Game Takes about 1 Minute to Fully Load




Very cool guys! The first fully HTML5 game on XDB – Bike Racing by “SoftGames”. It takes a little longer than usual to fully load Bike Racing but it totally worth waiting! First impression you get is something similar when you play iOS and Android games that look so good but for some reason you never get to play games like that on PC browser. Well, it’s about to change now, you’ll be seeing a lot of HTML 5 Games in X Dirt Bike website from now on!

First one being Bike Racing – a lot of bikes to choose from (but first you need to collect stars in order to unlock and ship new bikes). 3 Different locations with 10 tracks each – total 30 tracks. Very impressive game mechanics and physics, no bugs and no glitches. High quality animation and decent artwork. Good luck and have fun, enjoy Bike Racing and don’t forget to check out Bike Racing 2 when you beat this one.

bike racing

Bike Racing, 4.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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