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Moto X Madness 3

Written by XDBGamer on . Posted in Dirt Bike Games

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Moto X Madness 3 – play now in X Dirt Bike Website: Plenty new added since the last game, 3 new bikes and 10 new characters that you’ll need to unlock by collecting medals, popping balloons, doing speed runs and stunt runs etc. Unlocking final character is the hardest: for which, you need to pop every balloon on the track.

This time we got 10 tracks and 4 modes for each track. Which is pretty much the double of what we had in original Moto X Madness game. Also new tracks need to be unlocked first. Carefully read the notifications before the each race, no point completing race if you failed to do all objectives.

moto x madness 3

Moto X Madness

Written by XDBGamer on . Posted in Dirt Bike Games

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Moto X Madness – Motocross game that is somewhat unique in a way and very challenging too. There’s only 5 tracks in game but each with 4 different modes? 1. Time Attack; 2. Balloon Pop; 3. Flipping; 4. Technical Run. Balloon popping version is kind of best of all 4, it is also what makes the game “unique”… simply speeding up when you can and doing stunts is not good enough, you need to pop balloons in preset locations, which is a lot harder than it seems.

Graphics look at little old but not too old, game mechanics compensate for everything. Plus, this is the first game from Moto X Madness series, which means it is the oldest.

moto x madness