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Not bad at all! Absotruckinlutely is not a Unity game or HTML5 game but it’s still a quality game deserving 4.5 stars on XDB website. Because of many things… it looks nice for starters and it is kind of 3D. The sensation of driving is also quite enjoyable, especially smashing things and buildings and cars and penguins… yes giant penguins.

The game gets even more interesting when you visit “Paco’s Shop” garage, to buy upgrades for your monster truck. Plenty of things you can do in that garage, not even going to try to cover it all, but you’ll definitely going to be surprised. Absotruckinlutely is a really cool one, if you enjoy monster truck games.


Absotruckinlutely, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings


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